Canadian made in a pristine boreal forest.

Move over maple,

Birch has arrived.™

Learn how birch syrup is made

Pure Birch Syrup

Pure birch syrup has a hint of Molasses and Spice flavors.  It is perfect for glaze on ham or chicken.  Mix pure syrup with different spices and use as a sauce on bar -b-q beef, pork, chicken, fish or wild meat.  Pure syrup can also be used as a substitute for vanilla or as a sweetener in a variety of drinks hot or cold.  From our trees to your kitchen table we are committed to bringing you a syrup processed in Canada to the highest quality you've come to expect.


Sold out of Pure Birch Syrup

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2019 Pure and Breakfast Birch Syrup now available

2019 production season was very interesting.  We were again at the mercy of mother nature who challenged us for 3 weeks.  A combination of freezing temperatures, to snow, to rain, hail, sleet and some sun shine.  There were many days the lines wouldn't thaw out until 3 PM and then again freeze by 11 PM.  During the short time of collecting and producing syrup, we were able to collect  41,500 liters of sap to make 308 liters of syrup.  We are very happy to again bring our signature syrup to your table.

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Pure Birch Syrup a great way to enhance flavors of fish, chicken, port and beef

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