Pure Birch Syrup a great way to enhance flavors of fish, chicken, port and beef

We have had an exceptional 2018 year.  Currently we only have in stock 125 ml Pure Birch Syrup.  To prepare for our 2019 season we are reducing the 125 ml Pure Birch Syrup from $18 each to $16.50 each which is moving quickly.  Our Pure Birch syrup is a rare gourmet syrup used to enhance flavors on pork, chicken, beef and fish.  It has a flavor of Molasses and spice.  Here is a recipe for you to use our Pure Birch Syrup as a sauce. 

Baby Back Ribs:      

Season ribs: In a small bowl – mix – ¼ t-spoon onion powder, ¼ t-spoon garlic powder with salt and pepper to taste - Roasted red pepper (optional). Rub the ribs on both sides. Place on broiling pan, cover with tinfoil - Pre-cook ribs in the oven at 350º F for 1.5 hours.  Take out of oven and let cool in fridge.  Prepare your BBQ sauce: 4 Tablespoons Birch Syrup; 1/4 t-spoon balsamic vinegar; 1/2 t-spoon mustard.  1/2 t-spoon minced Garlic; 1/4 t-spoon minced ginger - Mix - taste.  If you feel a bit more syrup is needed add a tsp at a time - One half (1/2) hour prior to serving heat ribs on BBQ.  Glaze the sauce on one side of the ribs turn, Let sauce heat on ribs for about a min.  Repeat above step for the other side of the ribs.   Glaze ribs several times.  Remove from BBQ cover with tinfoil and let rest for about 15 to 20 minutes.  Serve with side dishes of white or wild rice; asparagus and a mixed green salad. 

Sauce can be used on other types of meat. Or use it as a substitute for Vanilla.  Take one step further and Experiment with Pure Birch syrup and make your own gourmet sauce to enhance the flavors on the meat of your choice.

We look forward to hear from you about your experience using Rocky Lake Birchworks - Pure Birch Syrup in your recipes.

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